25th Anniversary!

25th November 2000 Get Together Dinner Party.

Hello Class of 75,
Thanks for joining in the 25th Anniversary Dinner held at Parawave at Paramount Hotel, we were very glad that 23 teachers/principals could also make the occasion a joyous one! Mr. Lim Choon Mong gave us a "confessional tribute" which we will always remember his wise sayings. We are also very honoured with the presence of our teachers and principals : Chee Keng Lim, Chia Choon Khai, Earnest Lau, Lenn Wei Ling, Lim Choon Mong, Mrs. Dorothy Ng, Mrs. Evelyn Wee, Mrs. Ira Suppiah, Mrs. Lee Gek Kim, Mrs. Margaret Ng, Ms. Khoo Heng Keow, Musa bin Omar, Peter Joe Chia, R. Sachidanandan, Wee Moh Nam, Wee Teow Kee, Ying Yoke Kong, Warren Peck, Andrew Yuen and Ms Yeo Chee Kai.

Here are some of the greetings expressed by the teachers and classmates :

C. C. Dennis Goh:
"For us teachers, our reward does not lie in material gains or worldly honours. Our reward appears in the form of the successful individuals who have the character and made the grade in society contributing their little share to the community. We thank God for ACS and all those who have put in their little effort to make our nation a better and stronger digit in the community of nations. The Best Is Yet To Be. "

Frank Teo Kong Guan:
"Class of '75 was a vintage year. We have gone through much together over many years. Let us keep up the spirit of ACS and renew the ties that bind us together as ACSians forever! "

Nicholas Yap:
"We are part of a growing family of ACSians and whose roots stem from Methodism founded by Oldham. Some came from ACJS, while some from ACPS. Yet we grew up in the best tradition of ACS moulded by the dedications, sacrifices and hardworks of teachers and principals! Looking back, we must indeed be glad and thank God Almighty for His grace towards all and as we continue in the years to come, may we carry the torch passed to us by those who had gone before us and when our time comes, may we be able to pass the same torch to those coming after us!
The torch symbolises the ACS Spirit which all ACSians can shine in the world.

Photographs of the 25th Anniversary Dinner
(Film Roll 1)


 Welcoming party at the door

 A long queue for goodies bag

 Did you mention my name ...

 Did you say, "Free T-shirts and ACS mugs..."


 You look familiar ...Tan Tai Woei flew back from Australia for this evening.

 Wow, it's been 25 years since we last saw each other.



 My, my, it's been ages since we last met at ACS!

 "Long, chiam, pas ... ok water versus stone".



 Mr. Chia, Mr. Chee and Mr. Lim ...

 Good friends are indeed forever ...


 Let's chit-chat while waiting for the food queue to move ...

 "Mrs. Lee, I think we must abandon the calories diet plan for this evening as I think the food is so delicious, ... seriously", quipped Mr. Lau.



 Pastor Frank gave the thanksgiving.

 MC, Tan Chi Chiu gave the welcoming toast to all the teachers and principals.



 Mr.Chee joked with Mr. Lim, "Do you think the boys are still afraid to come into the school office has anything to do with this ?"

 The Master of Ceremony!



 At the sound of the ACS Anthem.

 "Our students hail from China's plain and the land of rising sun ..."



 "I can't believe it! It's our form teacher."

 Down memory lane ...

Photographs taken by Winston Lee.

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