25th Anniversary!

25th November 2000 Get Together Dinner Party.

Photographs of the 25th Anniversary Dinner
(Film Roll 2)



 "I must come for another round soon ...".

 A long queue for buffer dinner.



 Doesn't this remind you of the tuckshop days ...

 "Gosh, this is certainly delicious!"


 We must catch-up on 25 years of lost news.

 YKC : This is my third helpings!


"OK! Who took my plate?"

 Now, that's funny.



 CKC: "I remember that all my classmates were shorter and thinner at age 16".

"Sec.4A is a special ward where doctors are churned out. And Sec. 4B is where most engineers ended in".


 A light-hearted moment ...

 "I must thank all my teachers who guided us in class and never gave up on us".



 "What makes our batch unique was that we knew just about everyone from A-J".

 "Mrs. Dorothy Ng made us realise why we are in school".



"Our class were never in full attendance".

Truly, truly, it's the classmates we grew closer over the years that makes life worthwhile!



"I like to thank my parents, my teachers, ... oops, wrong speech list ..."

 ET: Yes, I was not at my best in school but until I met LCM.



"Laughter, all around ..."

Well-said Mr Lim C M. 



Robin asked that we continue to make this a regular event while expressing the need for our continuous correspondence through the years.

 We were the 1st ACS Class to have a Class Domain Website!


ACS (Barker) Principal Ng Eng Chin : "We must do all that we can to help our school."

Photographs taken by Winston Lee.

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