25th Anniversary!

25th November 2000 Get Together Dinner Party.

Photographs of the 25th Anniversary Dinner
(Film Roll 3)



Words of wisdom from Mr. Lim Choon Mong.

 He is my best friend in school ...



 Chat, chat, chat ... only 25 years of news to catch up.

 Hokkien: "Mien cag ki, lie chiak sien!"


 Mr Warren Peck & Mr Andrew Yuen (they still look so young)

 Our school boys must learn from this ...


Secondary 4D-4E Combined

 Secondary 4F



Mrs. Dorothy Ng: "I remember, you still owe me some homework on Shakespeare ..."

"Reallly, this is our class Secondary 4G," says Leslie convincingly.



 OK, let's fall in ...

 Secondary 4H-4I in jubiliant!



 Secondary 4J

Our beloved principals & teachers. They came in full force to attend this 25th Anniversary. God bless them!



"Now we begin our beauty contest among our lady teachers ...".

"The first contestant must answer this : Which student did you recall as being the most naughtiest in class?"



"Sorry, answer in Mandarin only ...".

 "All the boys were wonderful students ...".



"Give me the micrcophone, give me, give me ...".

Mrs. Lee pauses as we laughed at her humourous quips.


Mrs. Dorothy Ng shared her joys being a teacher who had made an impact on the class students.

 The audience applauds.



 "It's great to see our teachers again!"

 Encore! Encore!



 Even Mr Musa agreed.

 "Do you recall the camping days in school ..."



 "Did you hear about the day it rained ice in the football field."

 To be or not to be ...



 Telephone number, pager, fax, and now email as well.

 "As I was saying 25 years ago ..."



 "Benjamin! Jin Ku Bo Kua, Ho Bo (in hokkien)."

 The meeting of great friends!



Looking back, we see as a boy, now we understand as a man.

 "Gosh, when will we meet again!"

Mr. Goh Chin Chye, our Physical Education Teacher at ACS Swimming Pool.

Photographs taken by Winston Lee.

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