25th Anniversary!

25th November 2000 Get Together Dinner Party.

Photographs of the 25th Anniversary Dinner
(Film Roll 4)



Mr. Lim Choon Mong shares with us, "Confession is good for the soul!"

 Laughter, fun and nostalgic ...

Teachers who gave of their very best!



 Secondary 4A

 Secondary 4B


Secondary 4C

 Secondary 4D-4E (Combined)



Secondary 4F

This is the class Secondary 4G. Maybe next year, we will get more students ...



Secondary 4H-4I

 Secondary 4J



A candid shot of pals.

"I don't believe that you have a pink IC !"



"Friends forever."

"Wait till my kids see this! Wow, a photo with my ACS teacher."



"Sorry, you must produce your class photo to collect the free gifts!"

 "Are you sure, the moustache is real? ...".



"Now that you have collected the goodies, let's gate-crash the next hotel ..."

Me thinks! This is the best reunion dinner I have attended so far. (wait a minute, this is the 1st one...)



"OK! We will give 4G the benefit of a doubt concerning their attendance."

 "Never mind! It's for the school fund-raising... a worthy cause."



 "Wah! School needs fund again ... I remember the fun-fairs, walkathons, jogathons, musical chairs, ..."

 "Trust me, it's a geniune Australian printed name card."



 "I recall, in my younger days, I was able to do 70 pull-ups... but now ..."

 "You look familiar ..."



 "He is still taller than me after all these years..."

 Buddies since primary school days.



 "My hair is longer than yours. No, my hands is larger than yours. No, my ..."

 "Can we go for supper now?"


The last table to leave the restaurant.

Photographs taken by Winston Lee.

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